Cohort Leadership Opportunities

Leaders in the cohort system work collaboratively to plan activities and events for their individual cohorts and the larger Wharton community. Each cohort typically has one executive director, two-three directors, and one first-year representative.

Executive Directors are juniors and seniors that oversee their respective cohorts in addition to serving on the Cohort Executive Board, which is comprised of the ten executive directors and two co-chairs. The Board works directly with the Undergraduate Division to implement the strategies and objectives of the cohort system. This position is held for one year with the opportunity to reapply. Cohort executive directors must have previously served in the cohort system in roles other than first-year representatives.

Directors are sophomores, juniors, or seniors who provide support to and plan activities for first-year students in their respective cohorts. This position is held for one year with the opportunity to reapply.

First-Year Representatives are first-year students selected at the beginning of the academic year to serve as liaisons between their cohort peers and their cohort directors. They help create community within their respective cohort by planning events and initiatives with other cohort leaders. This position is held for one year.

Cohort Mentors serve as upper-level mentors to first-year students in their cohort. Mentors help with the transition to Wharton and Penn by answering questions and sharing personal experiences and insight with their first-year mentees. Mentor-mentee pairs connect by setting up chats, study breaks, and other activities.